Host-Mike Resendez

Mike is a 1998 graduate of Brown Institute where he earned his Associates of Applied Science degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting.

His first radio job was at KFIL AM/FM in Preston, MN. He was the morning show host and high school sports analyst. 

After leaving KFIL, Mike became co-owner of R Sounds Entertainment with a long-time high school friend. During ten successful years Mike played a part in keeping the dance floor full while entertaining guests at weddings, holiday parties, and private events.

In 2015, Mike joined an upstart low power FM radio station in the Frogtown Neighborhood of St. Paul, WFNU-LP 94.1FM. He became a volunteer host of a high school sports show called High School Sports Talk. After one year, Mike launched a website, 651Sports.com, dedicated bringing more high school sports coverage and changed the name of his show to 651Sports Update.

During the summer months Mike would host a show featuring music with different themes every week. It was called The Saturday Morning Sleep In. During the third year of the SMSI, Mike introduced a segment called the Local 30. The Local 30 was a segment that featured two local musicians or groups with a little background information provided. But, Mike knew he could do better. With his model for high school sports in mind, Mike changed the entire format of his summer show and changed the name. He decided to dedicate an entire show to one artist or group and play their music. The start time was changed to 9:45am and thus the name of the show was a no brainer. The Nine-45 Show was born.

He hopes that you enjoy the new summer show and he hopes to make his podcast version a yearlong endeavor.