Mixer Desk


Season 1

You can find the episodes for season 1 on this page.

June 8th-Debut Show

Guest: North Innsbruck

June 15th

Guest: Steph Wendler

June 29th

Guests: Eric and Kiel
Hosts of Two Pour Bastards podcast

July 6th

Guests: Bitter Ghost

July 13th

Guests: Teapot Tempest

July 27th

Guests: Sun and Moon

August 3rd

Guest: Cassandra Cole

August 24th

Guest: Horn-Summer Recap Show

September 18th

Guest: Jasper Mitchell

October 9th

Guest: Steph Wendler

October 16th

Guest: Dillon from Loneilest Ways

November 6th

Guests: Nitrowave TC

December 11th

Guests: Galaxy 80, d.notive & BadNRad

December 18th

Guest: Dags, Host of Amish Baby Machine Pop Culture Podcast